Thursday, 19 June 2014

Life in a ward – highs and lows of being a patient

Nothing is certain but the unforeseen emergencies. Immersed into the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2014, watched what was dubbed as the clash of the Titans between defending Champion, Spain - La Furia Roja and the losing Finalist of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the Netherlands - the Orange. The match; however, was one sided as Spain were humiliated and humbled 1: 5 by the mesmerizing Dutch. It was 3:00 in the morning when I went to bed. Suddenly, I began to feel the pain at my left chest stretching up to the waist. Fever further worsened my health.
From 05: 00 Saturday, June 14 to 12: 50 Thursday, June 19, 2014, the journey was tiring yet it infused me loads of lessons. From a ride to hospital to doing laundry, attending, cooking and supporting morally and psychologically in between, imparting me the knowledge of systolic (heart) murmur and osteoporosis – the uncharted territories of mine, the support you all – family and friends, rendered were commendable. The social support system was crucial in such difficult times.
I visited the Hospital – JDWNRH, with only one hope- to regain my normal good health, so should be the case with others visiting it. All walks of life from spades and sickles to swords visit to avail the services. Those creatures in white all day and night have availed themselves to serve and give their best to help patients of all ages. Inspite of their utmost dedication, the results are mixed. The reality of human life is hard to bear. Some leave the hospital with smiley faces while some do with tears running over their faces. The scenes were at the two extremes. The only consolation I could resort to was to convince myself that the same moment is bound for all and time is only the difference.
As I left the Medical Ward 6 at 12: 50 today, amidst that feeling of liberation, the social safety net put in place by our Great Leaders, services provided by the Health Workers and support rendered by family and friends really touched me. The only thing I could wish and pledge for was to be a Goodwill Ambassador of you all in near future. 

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