Friday, 8 August 2014

Positive outlook – the way forward

Revelation, Admission and Realization (Part I)

From a belligerent toddler to Scouser faithful, I have had exciting journey thus far. Reflecting upon hitherto experiences compel me to reveal and admit some of the wrong paths that I pursued. This realization, I perceive will go a long way to attain manhood.  
Born in the hinterland Mongar and nurtured by an illiterate parents, the road travelled was not so friendly. Rewinding memories of the past – to fetch water early in the morning before leaving for schools during Pre-Primary days, taking a day leave during hot summer days to guard corns against the marauding monkeys were burden at that point of time, but not necessarily now. It was the opportunity afforded to serve one’s Benefactor and the only Creator. Attending calls and providing lip services do not qualify one to be a son in the hours of need.
Venturing into the world of intellectuals was a tough call. In hot pursuit of broadened mind, often landed up being the victim of corporal punishment. From nettle leaves, cans and rulers on one’s fingertips to tying one’s head and making graze were some of the harshest of retributions for failing to solve some algebraic and arithmetic problems, let alone for poor handwriting. Blacklisting the teachers, turning away from them ostentatious of one being stranger at some point of time in future do not set a good teacher-student relationship. On the contrary, it was the moment to explore alternative strategies to tackle the problem at hand with tolerant and open mind for what they have bestowed to us.
Being one of the smallest and youngest amongst one’s peers, one is presented with threats as much as opportunities. Bullying and teasing are the two commonest moments one has to confront with. However, reacting with reporting to Teachers and see them getting punished, piercing with sharp pens with scars still today as vivid as ever,  hitting with gravels at ankles and see it swollen should not have been the approach. At this point of time, saying Hi and Bye, How are you to your friends do not in itself justify the spirit of friendship. Tolerance, patience and acceptance could have built the ties stronger.
The realization is too little too late, the only consolation is to admit and express one’s regret. By then, one would have already lost something precious…. (Part II to be continued…).


  1. The path you had trodden was no doubt, harsh one. I feel that was an opportunity you got to refine and cut the rough stone to make a sparkling diamond. Harsh realities teaches life-lessons like it takes rough sea to make a good sailor. Waiting for its continuation..,,

  2. Yeah, It was kind of it. However, as you have pointed out, such incidences help refine one's thoughts and approach towards better. Thank you very much Sangay for your support to move further.